As a communications major at Saint Joseph’s University, we are all required to take a web design class. At first, I wasn’t aware of this but when I found out my first thought was, “What did I get myself in to?”

When I tell people I’m taking a web design class, they always have the same reaction which consists of, “Wow, that must be really hard I can’t believe you’re learning how to code”, or “I would never have the patience for that, it seems literally next to impossible.” To answer those responses, the truth is that it is hard to code, and it does take a lot of patience.

Sitting in my first web design class though, Bill made it so easy to understand how to code. The coding application we use, Brackets, also makes it easy to make sure we know what were doing and how to code the correct way.

To start our coding off, Bill had us download Fire FTP and Brackets, which are both needed to make sure the website becomes live. From there we created our website links with HTML to make sure the site was in fact live. Follow this during week 3 of our class meetings, we put what we had learned into practice by creating a resume within Brackets to practice coding. While we were coding, we learned how to separate sections of our code into paragraphs, headers, sections, titles, lists, and unordered lists.

Going into this week we decided to take a look at CSS along with the HTML we’ve been learning how to code. Within CSS, we learn a lot of different things including color coding and styles as well as how to make your website look ‘more like you’ so to speak. Everyone has a different style, so when it comes to making a website, you want to be able to express yourself. When I was looking into coding with CSS and making my site look more like me, it was a struggle as you could imagine. I did have our books for a resource though, and obviously the wonderful internet helped me in my time of crisis.

I decided to try and give my website a little pop of color, and found some coding on the internet that helped me out. (the below screenshot is from the website I found the coding.)


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 3.01.25 PM.png






**the above content is my success in coding my website with a different background color. The website I found gave tons of different examples of how to do a new background color like above, as well as setting the width for borders and using different fonts within CSS. Now that I am more confident with coding with CSS and I know this site exists, I’m excited to play around with different coding elements more. I highly recommend this site for anyone who is struggling with coding in general, they literally have everything on there that you need to know about codes.

I know my site as of now is super bland, but feel free to check it out at**

p.s: I know it’s still only my resume… enjoy stalking my peeps  – xo 🙂