We need to get our confidence back. I feel as though this class feels like they should be master coders by now, but that’s not true.

Css-tricks.com is a great resource. This site not only provides forums for you to discuss issues you might be having with CSS, it provides various tips and tricks that others are discovering simultaneously. You get inspiration to go further still (that’s the Magis) and discover tricks from simple ——————-> difficult.

I spent some time dillying and dallying all around the site trying to find something to write about and I came across the “Snippets” section of css-tricks. It’s a fun section where you can basically browse  random fun bits people have discovered through their trails with CSS. One very simple trick that I discovered was an inner shadow css code. I was excited to find this because it essentially works the same way that the alternate color boxes work in our resume only it’s used for shadowing…observe.

This is a copy of my digital resume BEFORE the new CSS code was put in alongside the code itself:



To the left is the HTML code, to the right is the CSS code and under it is the before version of my resume. Now here is the after version:


LOOK AT THAT 5:45 (yes I know this is late) SHADOW. INCREDIBLE RIGHT?!

Just that little bit of shadow adds just that much more character to my lowly resume and I did it using a coding technique that we have already learned in class (and css-tricks). There are a lot of tricks with coding that are not that far out of our reach but are still difficult to master accurately.

The reason this is my blog post is because the theme of many of these blog posts has been a quasi hopelessness. On the contrary I believe that we are right where we have to be in terms of coding our resumes and learning HTML and CSS in general. While going through the pages and pages of people not understanding what is going on (not just this class, but people all over the world) we need to get that this is building blocks.

It’s block on block on block until we get to the final levels of what we want until finally we can get to something as cool as this: http://www.rleonardi.com/interactive-resume/.

Robby Leonardi’s resume is packed full of more than just HTML and CSS:


This seems like it’s far out of our range, but there is no possible way that I could have even figured out how to do shadowing just a month ago. At the rate that we are learning nowadays we should be able to do this by the time we graduate (maybe not me, because I graduate soon, but you get it).

My point is that this is fun! This is all an adventure that we are experiencing together. It just takes a quick visit to certain websites to see how close we are to coding new and exciting landscapes and it’s only a matter of learning. Bill will get us there.