This week we learned a lot about crafting a design persona for our websites. While we may not think about it often when we are on the web every website we go on has its own unique personality, just like people. As we get closer and closer to finalizing our websites, we are now all asking ourselves what our own design personas will be. This task can be very daunting if you don’t have a clear vision.


As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Having an engaging personality will make readers want to stay. On the reverse side, a dull one won’t keep anyone around.

When it comes to narrowing in on a concrete vision for one’s own personal brand can be difficult. Like most people, I feel that my personality changes depending on who I am with. Even though the change is not drastic, the personality I have with my friends won’t be the same as the one I have when I’m at work. Which brings me to my first tip when narrowing in on a design persona, think about your audience and the impression you would like to make on them.

Once you’ve picked out an audience, you need to think about your identity in conjunction with them.

Even national brands struggle with their identities. In my food marketing classes, we learned a tool that can be helpful for large brands to identify their persona, but I think this tool would actually still work on a personal level.

It starts by taking a step back and describing each the brand as if they were a person.

So, in my class we said if Kraft Mac and cheese was a person they might be a young, energetic boy, who likes playing outside. He would probably be wearing a blue baseball hat with an orange tee shirt. Once we brainstormed the Kraft Persona, we made sure all of our marketing campaigns aligned with this boy we created.

As I type this I realize it sounds crazy, but I am actually going somewhere with this!

 giphy (1)

Ok so, most of us are using our websites as a resume/portfolio with the aim of getting a job. This tool could also be applied to our future jobs. For example, I would like my website to appeal to public relations firms. I could apply this tool to PR. If PR was a person, what would they be like? When I think about PR as a person, I think they probably drink a lot of coffee, constantly read the news. I think they seem laidback but are always working on something.

Obviously, there many different personalities and types of people working in public relations. But I am planning on letting this tool guide me as I develop my own personal persona. I did find an interesting article, Crafting A Digital Persona, that does a much better job at explaining this if you’re interested learning more.

So good luck everyone! I hope some of this is helpful as you continue to develop your design personas as well.

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