While learning about the influence of whitespace and the comprehension of content on a website, I’m finding it interesting how the proper balance of whitespace and text can make or break the success of a website. I automatically assumed that the aspects of successful websites that make them appealing were color schemes, fonts, and size of fonts. These are aspects that are obviously important, but I never thought about how doing something as simple as adding whitespace makes it significantly easier to comprehend.

In my website I focused heavily on the color scheme and fonts. After messing around with different options I was originally really happy with how it turned out in the end. Once we started researching websites that we liked and were also about what we want to do, I realized there was something about mine that didn’t look right. I Untitledrealized that while I really liked the different fonts I used and the colors,  It suddenly began to look a little crammed but I couldn’t figure out what I had to do to make it look less crammed. Once I realized that the few websites I looked had a lot more space between the words and sections of text, I figured out I need to somehow space everything out more. One website that stood out to me was K Sports and entertainment: As you can see here there is a lot more space even between eachK sportsparagraph within a section, then even more space separating the different sections as you scroll down. By seeing this example I realized how much of a difference a little extra space does in viewing a website as easy to follow, read, and take in the information.

Although I knew that I needed to create more space, I didn’t know exactly how to change aspects of my page to make this possible.  When thinking about solutions I initially thought that maybe a little bigger text and a little more space in between each line would help with some of the clutter. After reading about white space and how much of an impact it can make with the comprehension of a website, I realized that that was what made the K Sports and Entertainment site so aesthetically pleasing. Whitespace is such a simple concept but it amazed me how it makes such a drastic difference in how a website in interpreted. I originally thought my problem would be a little more complicated with having to go back and re-size everything. This would of taken up a lot more time with experimenting with different sizes and space in between that looked proportionate. Now I know that the size of the font might be ok, and creating larger space in between each line and sections, might do the trick.   In the past I would of thought doing this would of looked funny and awkward, but now I’m learning that it might be the solution of how to make my website look more appealing to read.